GAAM sources products and components specifically for fire, rescue, police, security, SES and other emergency services and industrial organisations from suppliers around the world

Fire Pumps

Firefighting pumps are used to deliver pressure and flow as expected at all times

Firefighting Accessories

Firefighting, law enforcement & rescue response teams need access to an array of equipment


A range of Torch and Area Lighting can be supplied by GAAM

Clothing & Equipment

Helmets, hoods, backpacks & communications equipment

Hoses & Couplings

GAAM supplies an array of high quality valves, hoses and couplings to make sure water is delivered effectively from the pump to the seat of the fire

Nozzles & Monitors

Nozzles and monitors are critical components in fighting fires – these devices direct the water or foam onto the flame


Products designed for rescue, with a focus on strength and ease of use in the harshest environments.

GAAM Service

GAAM services its own range of pumps including Hale and Godiva.


Learn more about our GAAM Healthcare range.

Unrivalled expertise

Since 1933, Australian firefighters have relied on GAAM equipment to bring fires under control. GAAM is a specialist in the design and manufacture of pumps for urban and rural fire suppression, manufacturing a wide range of petrol and diesel powered fire fighting pumpsets and ancillary systems.

GAAM sources products and components from suppliers around the world, including an extensive range of fire pumps, hoses, valves and nozzles our product range includes riot equipment, rescue equipment and forced entry equipment.