GAAM Suppliers

Bullard offers a full line of fire helmets to firefighters and other first responders throughout the world, from traditional fiberglass helmets to the very latest in high-heat advanced thermoplastic helmets. These products are known to provide outstanding head protection, superior comfort, durability and excellent on-the-job performance.

Since the introduction of its first firefighting thermal imager in 1998, Bullard has captured the lead market position within this industry throughout the world, with many thousands of units in service. Bullard is the number one choice of firefighters, known widely to offer the greatest durability, the most practical features, the best training resources and the highest level of support available.

Godiva Ltd is a provider of specialist equipment for the emergency services market. From a manufacturing facility based in Warwick, UK, and representative offices and distributors throughout the world, Godiva produces truck mounted and portable fire pumps and also represents products from its sister companies in the IDEX Fire Suppression Group – the Class 1 range of electronic instrumentation and the Hale range of US specification fire pumps. The company is the home of the internationally recognised Godiva brand of fire pumps, which are to be found in service in more than 100 countries. Godiva is an independent manufacturer with decades of experience in fine-tuning products at the heart of the life-saving business.

Hale Products Inc, is an emergency equipment company that consists of three business units located throughout the world and includes the brand names of Hale, Class 1, and Godiva. Hale manufactures and supplies premium fire fighting truck mounted and portable pumps to municipalities throughout the world.

Nupla Tools, is a USA manufacture of specialty industrial-grade hand tools. The pioneer and innovator of TCP pultruded Nuplaglas®. Nupla produces fiberglass-handled striking, digging, cutting, and fire tools available.

For more than 40 years Paratech has set the standard for high quality heavy-duty forcible entry tools. These tools are designed to pry, pound, puncture, twist and cut open or remove all types of barriers between emergency personnel and the life they are saving. Paratech products include full line of Hooligan Tools, Percussive Rescue Tool (PRT), Pry-Axe, Buster Tool and Biel Tool.

Established in 1978, SEI Industries Ltd. is an industrial fabric products manufacturer best known for its invention of the world-famous Bambi Bucket which is used by helicopters to drop water on forest fires.  SEI supplies unique fabric products that serve the military and many other industries such as oil and gas, mining, remote construction, wildland fire management, aviation, environmental spill prevention and disaster response.

Currently, SEI products are in use in 110 countries around the world.

SHG GmbH was founded in 2002 as a subsidiary of the Spechtenhauser Pumpen GmbH for development and distribution of the Spechtenhauser mobile speciality pumps.

The mobile speciality pumps of SHG are part of the standard flood fighting equipment of fire brigades. The pumps also enjoy great popularity in waste water treatment plants, building companies and everywhere where strongly soiled waste water including solids up to 80 mm in size has to be pumped.

Since 1971 Task Force Tips, based in Valparaiso Indiana USA, has been a global leader in the design, development and manufacture of innovative, high-performance firefighting equipment.  Recognised worldwide as the company that invented the automatic handheld firefighting nozzle, today with over 2800 finished goods available, Task Force Tips offers their rugged equipment through a worldwide network of highly skilled distribution partners.

From fixed, selectable, and automatic handheld nozzles, foam injection and application equipment, water flow equipment, to portable, fixed and remote controlled monitors.

Lightman® safety products from Visibility Systems Company provide portable lighting for safety or visibility. Products include xenon strobes, wide-angled LEDs, and application specific accessories. Lightman has diverse applications and is used in industries such as railroad, public safety, traffic safety and mining.

WATERAX sets the industry standard by developing innovative, portable fire pumps and water-handling equipment designed to withstand demanding applications and rugged environments.

Pelican Products, Inc. continues to reign as the global leader in the design and manufacture of high performance protective cases, temperature controlled packaging solutions, advanced portable lighting systems and rugged gear for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Their products are depended on by professionals in the most demanding markets including fire / safety, law enforcement, life sciences, defence / military, aerospace, entertainment, industrial and consumer. Pelican products are designed and built to last a lifetime.