Valves, Hoses & Couplings

Along with fire fighting water pumps GAAM supplies an array of high quality valves, hoses and couplings to make sure water is delivered effectively from the pump to the seat of the fire.

Wildfire hose connections, valves and couplings are designed for quick positive fit with a minimum of fuss. Made from robust corrosion resistant material they are suitable for use in all environments. GAAM supplies the Niedner hose in either 25mm or 38mm diameter. This hose is light weight and highly resistant to abrasion.

Water Thieves & Accessories

GAAM offers as extensive range of Water Thief products and accessories.

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Fire Footvalves

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Acetal Fittings

Acetal Fittings are manufactured from "Acetal" - which offers a high mechanical strength that is approximately 6 times stronger than pure aluminium.

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Nozzle Range

GAAM is the exclusive distributor of Wildfire nozzles.

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Fire Fighting Hoses

GAAM offers a wide range of Fire Fighting Hoses.

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Fire Hose Tester

The smallest hose tester.

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Wyes and Siamese

GAAM is the exclusive distributor of Wildfire Fire Hose Connectors.

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Fire Hose Couplings

GAAM also offers the full range of QC couplings, including BSP adaptors in both Male and Female, plus QC hose couplings.

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Fire Hose Storz Couplings

GAAM offers a range of Stortz couplings, including; BSP Male and Female threads, Reducers, Blank Caps and Hose Couplings.

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Fire Hose Washer

Remarkably effective in cleaning all types of dirty caked-up fire hose.

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Hose Bandages

For the temporary repair of your hose whilst in the field.

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