Hurst Jaws of Life

Throughout the world, the name Hurst Jaws of Life has become synonymous with saving lives.

For well over three decades, this name clearly has set the standard for power, dependability and life-saving performance. As the pioneer of the world's first rescue tool, the company decided to appropriately label these products Hurst "Jaws of Life" because they snatch victims from the jaws of death.

Standard Rams

Hurst® standard rams are must-have equipment for the well-prepared rescue team.

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Ram Kits

No two rescue scenes are the same — each comes with its own set of unique challenges.

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ML-16S II-Maverick

If multifunction is a key factor in your purchasing decision, look no further than Hurst’s combination spreader/cutter.

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Transformer Spreader

Unlike any other spreader, the Hurst Transformer accepts three interchangeable arm lengths for maximum performance in a wide variety of applications.

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Telescoping Rams

Try Hurst’s new telescoping rams and you’ll agree that they strike the perfect balance between power, stroke and compact size.

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eDRAULIC technology was developed by Hurst Jaws of Life®for the purpose of creating rescue equipment that can bepowered with a battery, but still deliver the same powerfound in hydraulic tools.

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Selector Valve Power Units

Power units are the heart of a rescue system; that’s why you should carefully choose the right type of pump for your specific needs.

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High strength steel materials are the hallmark of modern constructions.

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Low Pressure Hoses

Selecting a hydraulic hose assembly set-up is equally as important as choosing the right rescue tools.

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Entry Tools

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