TFT Hurricane Manual Monitor offers efficient flow performance up to 4800 L/min, provides full 360 degree rotational movement.

The EF1 Remote Controlled Monitor is compact at 13” tall (without nozzle) and has an efficient waterway of 38mm.

The Tornado RC is very compact, yet it has a large 2-¼ inch waterway, capable of flowing up to 1900 L/min.

Selectable nozzle with 2 flow settings of 75 & 230 or 75 & 360 L/min at 7 bars.

Selectable nozzle with four flow settings of 110, 230, 360 and 470 L/min at 5 or 7 bar.

These 38mm and 65mm nozzles are designed for structural and industrial firefighting.

This branch set up allows the option of a fog nozzle and 12mm smooth bore tip to be changeable.

The G-Force series offers two piece tip only and ball valve configurations, as well as one piece nozzles with an integrated slide valve.

The Quadrafog series of selectable litreage 25mm and 38mm nozzles are designed for simple operation.

The Ultimatic nozzle incorporates TFT’s unique stainless steel slide valve for turbulence free flow control.

GAAM offers 3 types of Automatic Hand Nozzles, Automatic, Mid-Range Automatic and Dual Pressure Automatic.

GAAM offers 3 types of Selectable Hand Nozzles