Terra Tank™- Water and Chemical

The Terra Tank was specifically designed to store water, chemicals or fuel. This collapsible bladder tank comes in a range of sizes from 250 USG (1000L) to 50,000 USG (190,000L). You can connect multiple Terra tanks together through a manifold system to create a cost-effective tank farm with unlimited capacity.

The Terra Tanks were built with one of several kinds of fabric, dependent on what liquid you need to store. We use two types of fabric to make Terra Tanks that store water and chemicals: Aqua-Shield™ and Chem-Shield™.

  • Aqua-Shield – The National Sanitation Foundation approved the materials in this fabric for containment of potable water. Aqua-Shield fabric that meets U.S. military specification MIL-T-53029C is also available.
  • Chem-Shield – This fabric is constructed from materials that combine excellent durability with resistance to many chemicals. Therefore, it is suitable for containment of sludge, transformer mineral oil, sulphuric acid, PCB transformer oils, 30% chlorine, ammonium hydroxide, ethanol and fertilizer.

SEI Industries can supply the Terra Tank as a stand-alone product or as part of a complete turnkey system that includes:

  • Primary storage tank with vent
  • Secondary containment berm
  • Rainwater filter system


  • Terra Tanks are easy and quick to install.
  • You can use the tank immediately with almost no site preparation required.
  • Terra Tanks are lightweight and, because they are fully collapsible, they offer liquid containment capacity many times larger than their transportable size.
  • The Terra Tank are easy to fold, transport and relocate.
  • Compared to steel tanks, the Terra Tank offers significant cost savings in transportation and site preparation and it won’t rust or corrode.

Terra Tanks for Water Storage

Bladder tanks for water fall into three distinct use categories: potable (drinking water), grey and black water.

  • Potable water is drinking water. Potable water pillow tanks may be constructed from fabrics that are commercial or military grade but should be National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) standard 61approved.
  • Greywater is wastewater from domestic activities such as laundry, dishwashing, and bathing. It can also include waste water that includes chemicals or “produced water” generated from frac operations. Grey water bladder tanks should be constructed from a fabric that is compatible with the types of chemicals that the tank will contain.
  • Black water is used to describe wastewater containing fecal matter and urine (also known as brown water, foul water or sewage).Bladder tanks, made for the storage of black water, should utilize fabrics compatible for such exposure but also be capable of handling the heat generated as a result of bioactivity during decomposition of the sewage. Operators should also ensure that the bladder tank is installed inside proper secondary containment to prevent spills into the environment.

SEI constructs its Terra Tank for water storage from Aqua-Shield, a fabric that is safe, durable and approved.

Terra Tanks for Chemical Storage

Bladder tanks for storage of chemicals need to be constructed using fabrics, flanges and fittings that are suitable for exposure to the chemicals being stored. We construct the Terra Tank to store chemicals from Chem-Shield, a fabric that is proven, reliable and chemical-resistance. The tank is suitable for containment of sludge, transformer mineral oil, sulphuric acid, PCB transformer oils, 30% chlorine, ammonium hydroxide, ethanol and fertilizer.

We designed the Terra Tank so that the fabric of the tank always hugs the surface of the contained fluid. As a result, only a few square inches of liquid get direct air exposure. This is an important feature for chemical storage, as there is virtually no area where water vapour can condense and, likewise, dangerous vapours cannot accumulate, as the tank continuously adjusts itself to whatever volume of liquid is in storage.[AB1]

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Terra Tank™- Water and Chemical