Selectable Hand Nozzle Range

GAAM offers 3 types of Selectable Hand Nozzles;

Selectable Gallonage (Quadrafog);

The 30-125 GPM Quadrafog is designed for 1-1/2” hose lines. The compact
Quadrafog is a rugged and dependable, NFPA compliant, selectable gallonage nozzle. Available in either tip only configuration, or with a stainless ball shutoff, the Quadrafog is also available with an optional colour-coded pistol grip. All 1½” Quadrafogs accept wither the FJ-LX-FQ FOAMJET low-expansion or the FJ-MXFQ FOAMJET multi-expansion foam aspiration attachment and come with your choice of fixed or stainless steel spinning fog teeth.

Selectable Gallonage (Thunderfog);

The Thunderfog is available in two basic series: the 200 series, with a selectable flow range of 30-200 GPM, and the 250 series, with a selectable flow range of 95-250 GPM. The 200 series is an excellent choice for 1-1/2 or 1-3/4” hose lines, and for higher flows, the 250 series will work with 1-1/2” through 2-1/2” lines. All Thunderfogs are NFPA compliant, and are available in tip only configuration, or with stainless steel ball shutoff and optional colour-coded pistol grips. All Thunderfogs accept the FJ-MX-FT FOAMJET Multi-expansion foam aspirating attachment, and come with your choice of fixed or stainless steel spinning fog teeth.

Dual Gallonage (Twister);

The 1” Twister is a selectable, dual gallonage combination nozzle, available in ¾” or 1” threads, and designed for simplicity and durability. The rubber bumper provides a positive grip and protects the front end. Twisting the shaper from the off position produces the following settings: low flow straight stream, low flow narrow fog, high flow straight stream, them high flow fog. The Twister, with its optional colour-coded pistol grip, is a rugged economical nozzle that will accept the FJ-MX-D FOAMJET Multi-expansion foam aspirating attachment.

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