Salvage Kit

Salvage Kit quick disconnect range of tools

The NUPOLE quick disconnect line of tools lets you:

  • Break the tool down into smaller components for ease of storage and portability.
  • Save space and cost by carrying more than one tool head to do specific jobs, but only one handle.
  • Add an extension to provide longer reach.
  • The heart of this new concept in compact storing and highly portable tools is an extremely tough, rigid, yet easy to use connection. The Nupoleā„¢ connection is capable of carrying loads almost as great as one-piece NUPLAGLASĀ® shaft


  • Handles & Poles can be custom made to length
  • Start with one tool and add attachments later.
  • Breaks down to one easy to handle bundle.
  • Optional lightweight Canvas Carry Bag
  • Can be made to fit inside standard locker compartments
Salvage Kit