We’ve re-imagined and improved the RainDrain to deliver fast flow rates (4x faster) and 33% more capacity for less cost! The RainDrain filter automatically removes rainfall and water collected inside a berm while also holding back hydrocarbons from the environment.

Using gravity to filter the hydrocarbons out of rainwater, the RainDrain allows operators to safely drain overflow from their berms (berms need to remain empty to have the capacity to contain any spills).  Featuring an efficient sleek design and smart engineering, our new and improved RainDrain costs less and delivers more.

With its automatic shut-off “emergency stop valve” in the event of a massive spill, RainDrain is an essential addition for berms or any other area prone to oil and hydrocarbon spills.

Two models available: Commercial (with vinyl sleeve) and Military (with metal sleeve)

Flow Rate

  • Max Flow Rate: 2.25 USGPM (8.5 LPM)


  • Hydrocarbon selective filtration stops diesel fuel, jet fuel, gasoline and transformer oil
  • Rubber end caps for shock absorption
  • High flow rate and longer operational life
  • Easy installation within seconds
  • Ball valve with sight glass to monitor liquid levels and content
  • Hydrocarbon capacity up to 1.58 USG (6 L) of diesel fuel
  • Feed end features a 3/4” (1.9 cm) camlock inlet
  • 8 ft. chemical hose with camlock fittings
  • ¾” (1.9 cm) ball valve sight glass assembly with camlocks
  • ¾” (1.9 cm) bulkhead fitting to install on any berm