Pumpkin Tank

Rugged and lightweight, this multi-purpose tank shines in every arena. Whether it’s used for ground fire-fighting, for aerial operations or as a reservoir/relay tank, the self-supporting Pumpkin Tank gets the job done. Built with knowledge of what works in the field, the water in this tank is deep enough to yield full Bambi Bucket dips every time. When access to natural water supply is limited, the Pumpkin Tank can step in-whatever the application.


  • Extra-large open top for easy helicopter bucket filling;
  • Unique flotation collar design with no manual inflation required;
  • Flotation collar hugs the water surface ensuring no overflow;
  • Self-supporting with foam collar that resists ‘sinking’;
  • Compact and simple to use, no frame or parts to assemble;
  • Rugged industrial fabric that is mold- and mildew-resistant;
  • Multi-point tie down system for protection from rotor wash;
  • Easy discharge through a standard 3″ NPT outlet;
  • Models/sizes available to suit all helicopter buckets; and
  • Portable, compact size can be used in remote areas.
Pumpkin Tank