PTO Driven Pumps

Customised Requirements

GAAM can endeavour to design and manufacture pumpsets to match your specific requirements or criteria.

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Hale APS

Hale pumpsets are designed and manufactured to produce a wide range of volumes and pressures.

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Hale Midship

Hale’s Qflo midship pump is lighter than current midship pump designs resulting in lower loads on the chassis.

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Prima - Single Pressure Fire Pump

The Godiva Prima™ is a single stage centrifugal pump designed for midship or rear vehicle mounting.

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Prima - Multi-Pressure Fire Pump

The Godiva Prima is designed for midship or rear vehicle mounting.

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Hale’s 2CBP two-stage centrifugal high-pressure booster pump is high on performance but low on both power and maintenance requirements.

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Hale’s CBP single-stage centrifugal high-volume initial attack/booster pump series puts heavy duty performance into a lightweight package.

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Hale’s MGA Series Split-Shaft PTO Gearbox is the field-proven way to drive pumps, generators, air compressors, winches, and more from your truck’s engine.

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