Nuplaglas Fire Axes


  • NUPLAGLAS® is flame resistant to 426°C, resists continuous heat to 121°C and improves in strength down to -15°C.
  • NUPLAGLAS® HANDLES are stronger than wood handles
  • Safe from electrical shock - NUPLAGLAS® is an excellent dielectric material.
  • Smooth, resin rich surface protects user from splinters and resists UV deterioration.
  • Does not absorb moisture, resists industrial chemicals, fire retardant
  • Easily cleaned of concrete, tar, etc.
  • Unaffected by sub zero temperatures.
  • Does not conduct heat / cold, easy to handle in extreme temperatures.
  • Ergonomically designed grips for comfort and stress reduction.
  • More rigid than wood and most other fibreglass handles, reducing wasted effort.

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