GAAM supplies a full range of equipment for riot response including helmets with visors, batons, gloves and, shoulder, elbow and knee pads.

Super Auto Eject

The Super Auto Eject is a completely sealed automatic power line disconnect.

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Harcor Arm Cooler

Reduce Core Body Temperature Fast!

Combat Fire Fighter heat stress with the only small, compact, low cost and portable Fire Fighter arm immersion cooling product on the market.

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Big Sink Portable Hand/Arm Washing Station

An entirely self-contained, highly portable hand and arm washing facility perfect for emergency services, relief operations and any low infrastructure environment.

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Wedge-It Ultimate Doorstop

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Kooler Rehab Chair

The Kore Kooler™ Rehab Chair is a highly effective solution for preventing heat stress by quickly lowering the body’s core temperature to within its safe range.

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GAAM Rehab Station

Due to increasing demand on Emergency personnel being exposed to high temperatures, GAAM have created a REHAB STATION that is fully portable and can be stowed on a vehicle or trailer for quick response.

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