Foam Logix

FoamLogix 2.1-A is a true electronic discharge side proportioning unit in a cost effective, compact package. It has full function digital control with a Class 1 flowsensor.

Features & benefits

  • Computer controlled, accurate Class A foam proportioning at a value price.
  • Push button proportioning.
  • Arrow buttons allow changing foam percentage from 0.1% to 1.0%.
  • Reliable and accurate Class 1 Flow Sensor. Measures water flow and FoamLogix injects the corresponding proper amount of Class A foam concentrate.
  • Operator Pre-Set — Digital control means the operator presses one (1) button for precise foam delivery every time. Departments can set the system up to run the percentage of foam they require.
  • System integration — Available fully integrated onto a new Hale pump or in kits to fit other pump brands.
  • Wide range of flow sensor options from pipe saddle clamps to stainless steel weld-on fittings are available.
Foam Logix