The Flexpak™ is a backpack tank with a hand pump for fire control by ground personnel. The pump can be equipped with a reservoir for foam concentrate. The hand pumps are made of rugged engineering grade thermoplastic by Scotty.

Backpack Features

  • Capacity – 5 USG (19 L)
  • Heavy duty; ultraviolet resistant industrial fabric, lap welded seams
  • Compact  and collapsible for easy storage
  • Designed for back comfort; maximum weight is 4-1/2 lbs. (2 kg) empty and 42 lbs. (19 kg)  full
  • Quick release sternum straps
  • Smooth,  comfortable shoulder harness system
  • 4″ (101 mm) filler cap (positive seal)
  • Built-in  debris screen in fill valve
  • Extremely  durable
  • Quick  connect couplings to backpack
  • Field  repairable

Pump Features

  • Rust  proof
  • Designed  for easy field maintenance
  • Can  be operated with left or right hand
  • Garden  hose threads
  • Brass  cylinder with hi-impact plastic cover
  • Field  repairable