Fireflex Low Profile (LP) Tank

Fully self-supporting with an open top design and a low collar for easy filling, the Fireflex Low Profile (LP) Tank is perfect for structural firefighting in rural areas or in any situation where water access is an issue.

Fireflex LP Tanks enable fire departments to use isolated water supplies and still obtain sufficient water for effective firefighting. Lighter and safer than traditional framed tanks, the collapsible LP Tank can be easily deployed by one person and quickly filled from a water tender in just minutes. With its versatility, the LP Tank can be used in remote site locations or act as a water reservoir that can be placed close to the fireline.


  • Frameless, no parts to assemble and can be deployed by one person
  • Lightweight, high strength fabric will stand up to many deployments
  • Foam-filled collar eliminates the need for inflation and will rise automatically when filling
  • Multi-point tie down system for secure grounding during operations
  • Extra large top opening and low collar allows for fast and easy filling from water tenders
  • Includes a lifting strap inside the center of the tank for easy cleaning and drying
  • Fast discharge through a standard 3” NPT outlet
  • Durable and rugged fabric that is mold and mildew resistant
  • Low maintenance, easy to clean and repair
  • Compact for easy storage, fits inside a standard vehicle for transport
  • Provides long-term water storage

Add-ons and Accessories

  • Ball valves/fittings
  • Ground pads
  • Transport bags
  • Repair kits
  • Secondary internal impact pads available for large size tanks
  • Drainage outlets: 1” to 6” NPT
Fireflex Low Profile (LP) Tank