Firefighting Helmet

Firefighters who need a tougher, more durable helmet choose the Firedome helmet with the injection moulded thermoplastic outer shell.

Made of ULTEMĀ®, a high heat thermoplastic engineered especially for Bullard, the outer shell provides greater impact and penetration resistance than fibreglass and is more reliable with repeated heat exposures. Bullard’s PX-AS firefighter helmet incorporates valuable recommendations made by fire fighting professionals from around the world. So once again, Bullard responds by offering more comfortable and durable protection.

Lightweight Design Minimized Fatigue

State-of-the-art design and technology make Firedome Helmets among the lightest available. The helmet’s low centre of gravity keeps weight evenly distributed, providing a balanced and stable fit.

Tough and Durable Protection

Firefighters face hazards that are tough on helmets: extreme temperatures, chemical attack and impact. These dangers require Firedome’s tough protection. All Firedome helmets incorporate long lasting materials. From the comfortable and protective interior to the durable outer shell, Firedome helmets are built to last.

Firefighting Helmet