Blitzfire Ground Monitor

The Task Force Tips Blitzfire is a simple, light, and highly manoeuvrable attack monitor. The Blitzfire's low elevation angle makes it suitable for use indoors.

It can go anywhere a handline goes while delivering far more water. If the Blitzfire starts to slide or lift the SAFETY SHUT-OFF VALVE automatically shuts off the flow of water. This safety feature reduces the risk of injury from an out-of-control appliance. The shut-off slows near stroke end to eliminate water hammer. To reset the flow simply open the valve to any of six detent flow positions with the turbulence-free slide valve. The Blitzfire's discharge pivots make directing the stream extremely quick and effortless. A unique up/down pivot on the hose inlet allows the monitor to have stability even on porches, stair landings or the like. An anchor strap is included for safe operation on slick surfaces like marble floors. The main body is hardcoat anodized aluminium with a TFT powder coat finish inside and out. Patents Pending

Download Blitzfire Ground Monitor Datasheet

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