Bambi Buckey

Launch highly efficient precision attacks against fires by equipping your helicopter with the Bambi Bucket. This tough, lightweight product delivers a solid column of water or foam – on target, every time.

The Bambi Bucket reinvented aerial firefighting for helicopters with its full collapsibility and accurate water drops! In addition, Bambi Buckets:

  • Provide highly cost-effective water delivery.
  • Offer compact, lightweight and portable convenience.
  • Stand up to field conditions thanks to our unique Bambi Bucket fabric – designed for maximum durability and strength.
  • Can be enhanced with our many innovative accessories to create the ultimate aerial firefighting weapon.
  • Offer variable fill capability and foam injection systems.
  • Offer fast fill and shallow water capability.
  • Provide pilot-controlled dump patterns.
  • Feature a dump valve that opens instantly.
  • Can fit any size helicopter.

A Size for Every Operator

The Bambi Bucket is available in a range of capacities from 72 USG (270 L) to 2600 USG (9840 L). Count on the Bambi Bucket’s legendary quality. It’s been trusted by more than 1000 helicopter operators in dozens of countries worldwide, for more than a quarter-century.

Bambi Bucket Accessories

SEI has added several accessories from bottom-filling PowerFill technologies to powerful foam injection systems. Customize your Bambi Bucket to make it your finest mission-critical tool.

  • Bambi PowerPack
  • PowerFill
  • Sacksafoam
  • Bambi Mobility Sled
  • Firesock
  • Marine Recovery Device (MRD)
Bambi Buckey